Corporate Data

If you are a business that conducts services online, there is a good chance that there is data online that you do not know exists.

Social Media

The number one method of attackers compromising your network is through spear phishing, using publicly exposed details of staff.

Intellectual Property

Be it the source code of your product, or development files from the last web application you outsourced, sensitive information may be exposed.

Take control of your online data and reduce your exposure to online attack

Corporate data is the new gold for attackers

The uptick in consolidating data into cloud services means data is now more exposed then it has ever been. Attackers take advantage of this and are constantly scouring the internet for valuable information. This data can be used for ransom, compromising networks, selling on the darkweb and more.


Can lead to account takeover, password-spraying, credential stuffing.


Insecure leakage of source code can lead to IP theft and application exploitation.


Unsecured storage such as s3 buckets can potentially expose all of your corporate data.


Employees with unsecured  social media are prime targets for spear phishing attacks.

Hacks using exposed corporate data
Hacks using exposed credentials
Spear phishing success exposed corporate data
Spear phishing success exposed social media

Threat Map for Exposed Data

As corporate networks become more sophisticated, attackers find the most cost effective way to penetrate your network. Exposed public information is fast becoming the number one pathway to compromise.

How we can help you.

Cybra’s team of cyber security experts are proficient in the art of information harvesting and Open Source Intelligence gathering. We will build a risk profile showing all of your exposed information and expert advice to secure it before it is used by attackers.

Online Analysis

Using custom tooling and methodologies, Cybra experts will employ attacker techniques and investigate every facet of your company’s online footprint and exposed data.

DarkWEB Analysis

Cybra experts have access to both public and private dark web sources. We will scour these sources for your information and let you know if you are exposed.


Many online services offer the ability to query if you or your company has had their corperate information, such as credentials, leaked. Cybra has private access to the newest feeds and will let you know if you are exposed.


Cybra prides itself on being efficient in online investigations and social engineering attacks for its clients. Using our skills we analyse the social media presence of your company and employees, formulating a threat assessment on what can be improved before attackers take advantage.

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